Ekà and Ikai Asai came together to revisit the Post Colonial design aesthetics that are painted with nostalgia and molded in rustic charm. Worn-in yet luxe, a signature close to Ekà’s design philosophy is extended to each piece that is a proud reminder of India’s craftsmanship imagined with contemporary sensibilities.


Uniqlo invited eka’s head designer Rina Singh to design a collection in collaboration with the brand for its launch in India. To create a bridge between eastern and Indian design aesthetic, Rina created a purposeful capsule collection for Uniqlo for Autumn/Winter ’19 and Spring/Summer ’20. Thoughtfully designed, cross culturally relevant clothing that is rooted in tradition and yet democratic for a global audience. Amalgamating fabrics and shapes, to bring in a contemporary aesthetic. Looking back to re-discover, and looking ahead to innovate.

In our collaboration with bed and bath brand Himêya, Ekà dived deep into our archives for our signature block prints. Inspired by nature and colour-blocked in vintage hues, these motifs and prints were designed to perfectly align with Himêya’s sublime soft linens.



Ekà came together with No. 3 Clive Road to present the artisanal tea brand’s lush new blend for Lakmé Fashion Week 2018. The packaging of the same featured an archival Ekà print which was showcased on the Ruby Hibiscus Blend, created exclusively for Ekà.


The Wool Lab is an innovative seasonal guide to the best Wool fabrics and yarns in the world. It is both a book providing inspirational themes and a sourcing guide. It is a practical tool for people who work in the fashion industry such as spinners and weavers, as well as brands, designers, retailers, manufacturers, buyers and the media. At Ekà, we pride ourselves in being scholars of textile, and its rich history has been one of the key elements that has charted India’s legacy in the world. The Wool Lab, designed in collaboration with Woolmark for Summer ‘21, is an encyclopaedia of the Ekà universe. It is a significant tool that assists designers and brands in sourcing wool, connecting them with global suppliers.

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