Behind the scenes at the Ekà Studio

Our Delhi studio is a vertically integrated ecosystem made possible by the dedication of our pattern masters, block printers, quality control supervisors, merchandisers and factory managers. All our operations are planned with circularity as a goal and mindfulness as the driving belief.

The Ekà studio shelters an in-house fabric block printing facility wherein skilled artisans work unanimously to develop our signature motifs for each collection. We have a capped limit to the production per machine to adhere to our small batch production policy, and each of our tailors is trained and educated in all stages of garment construction. Years of research and continuing endeavours have resulted in the Ekà facility being a green building wherein each operation is guided by a minimum wastage principle and each step checked for reduced carbon footprint. The studio is an integrated unit that facilitates every step from design to shipping under one roof.

The People of Ekà- Our driving force

The Ekà team extends beyond the studios to include the hundreds of weavers, spinners and dyers from regional craft clusters across India. The fluidity of our creations is a reflection of the way in which ideas are exchanged in the studio, allowing everyone–the design team, the administration and the production team–to come together as a singular Ekà unit. Many of our team members have been with us for years and are the backbone of our success. We are equally invested in their social and financial growth and needs.

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